More pictures – stunning views

The makers of the Aylesbury Area Action (Destroy Council Housing and Double the Density) Plan say of the Aylesbury Estate that our housing is currently ‘low density’.  Their plan is to cram in nearly double the number of dwellings onto the same footprint.

It is this ‘low density’ that allows us to see out of our big windows – and that lets the light in – set just South of a loop in the Thames, these flats currently enjoy some of the best views anywhere across London.

Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge, the London Eye, the Gherkin are all visible from our windows and balconies.

And residents also enjoy fantastic sky-scapes.

Sunset over Westminster


blue sky and clouds over Portland Street

High rise sky-scape

High rise sky-scape




There are also many mature trees set in the grounds of our Estates.


view of green

greenery, shade and oxygen

We are keeping an eye-out for what happens to the mature trees of the Aylesbury.

There were 450 mature trees on the Heygate, most of which will be destroyed by the new build there –


November or New Year on the Aylesbury – there’s always a good view from here

New Year 2014

New Year 2014

High rise flat in the new build?

Not if you’re a ‘social rented tenant’

Wolverton 2014

Wolverton 2014 – before they nearly triple the density





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