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Stop Destroying Council Homes!

Stop the Housing and Planning Bill!

Southwark Council has been demolishing council homes at an astonishing rate at the same time as promising to build 11,000 new council homes over 30 years- and it has only recently pulled back from the threat to build the new homes on existing estates which will be “redeveloped”. But the “redevelopment” of the Aylesbury estate has not been dropped and will involve a huge loss of council homes and any new socially rented homes will all be housing association homes. There will be no new council homes on the new, gentrified Aylesbury.

More than 1,500 have signed our petition against this programme of social cleansing, and Aylesbury tenants and leaseholders are demanding that the Council refurbishes their council homes instead of demolishing them. They voted in 2001 by 73% on a 76% turnout against transfer to a housing association. Yet the Council has ignored their vote and is going ahead with its plans. The “regeneration” of the Aylesbury has cost £46.8 million so far – that money could have been spent on refurbishment instead of kicking people out of their homes. Join us to demand the Council reverses its plans.

Resist the Housing and Planning Bill!

Many local Councils have criticised the Tories’ Housing and Planning Bill because it forces councils to sell off council homes on the open market, introduces means testing for council homes and destroys councils’ ability to require developers to build social rented housing. An amendment to the Bill may even end all lifetime secure tenancies for new tenants.

We demand that:

Southwark Council joins with other councils in opposing the bill and its implementation by all possible means.

*No to selling off “high value” council homes, no to paying the levy

* No to collecting data on working tenants’ incomes and forcing them onto market rents

*Keep granting permanent affordable and secure tenancies!

The Housing and Planning Bill will destroy social housing – together we can stop it!

Refurbishment, not demolition for the Aylesbury!

Dean Porter stood in the Faraday Ward by-election on Thursday 21st January 2016





Aylesbury CPO Public Inquiry

Dear friends and neighbours,

the Aylesbury estate Compulsory Purchase Order reconvened on 13th and 14th October 10.00-17.00 in Arry’s Bar at Millwall Football Ground, Zampa Road, London SE16 3LN.  We are awaiting the planning inspector’s recommendation to the Secretary of State, who will then authorise or block the compulsory purchase orders, with a decision likely in four to five months.

If nothing else, the 35percent campaign, who blog about new developments meeting Southwark’s quota of social housing, claimed a victory during the hearing as their evidence resulted in a tight definition of what constitutes social rent being written into the legal agreement for the development.

BUT that still allows rents on the new development, with service charges, to be in the region of £50/£60 PER WEEK more expensive than current Council rents on the existing Estate. (Read more here:  http://35percent.org/blog/2015/10/12/notting-hill-comes-clean/)

Read more about the CPO inquiry here: http://www.southwarknews.co.uk/news/public-inquiry-into-buy-out-of-aylesbury-council-flats-resumes/

and here: http://www.southwarknews.co.uk/news/good-tory-joins-housing-campaigners-in-buy-out-aylesbury-battle/

Residents already successfully won two adjournments in May and returned with full legal representation to restate and elaborate several of the points from their Statement of Case.

You can read reports of previous months CPO proceedures and some of the supporting documents by browsing these pages:



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