Events – 17th & 24th Nov

Saturday 24th November – click here

On Saturday 17th November

Aylesbury Tenants and Leaseholders First
are teaming up with the good folk of Southwarknotes
and the People’s Republic of Southwark
to present a fact finding day about the ‘regeneration’ and gentrification of North Southwark and Elephant and Castle.

A One-day Convergence





Lunch and tea will be provided,
and there will be time for walking around the Heygate Estate and the Better Elephant permanent exhibition.

What’s the news from the Heygate?

The 2008 Southwark Plan states that  50% of all new homes in Southwark should be ‘affordable’ - and this WAS the  first promise to Heygate residents of what the Heygate regeneration would deliver

The 2011 Elephant and Castle Opportunity Area Core Strategy said at least 35% of new units must be affordable

Now, with the latest Elephant and Castle planning application,  the officer’s report argues  that on-site social housing will bring down the value of the private homes and Lend Lease are only guaranteeing a minimum amount of 25%

and only 10% for social renting  

In Phase One only 8 out of 235 new homes will be for Social Renting, that’s just 3%

Residents were promised the opportunity to move into 16 early housing sites away from the Heygate.  Only 1 was ready before the 2009 deadline issued to tenants to move.  In 2012 only another  6 have been completed.

A few leaseholders are STILL living on the estate.  They have prepared a strong legal challenge to get a fair price for their homes and Compulsory Purchase Orders have only just been issued against them,

and in 2013 this process will involve a judicial review of the WHOLE Heygate scheme

What are the lessons for the Aylesbury?  

1. Genuinely affordable housing (in particular, family housing) is being demolished.

2. Do not rely on Council and Developer paper promises.

3. It’s worth standing up for your rights.

for more info. about the campaign for GENUINELY affordable housing in and around Elephant and Castle see 

More info. about the 17th November here


Put on your walking shoes and come and meet us – Sunday April 29th 2012.

Details of how, where and when to meet are here at this link at Southwark Notes .  Come along for the whole walk, or just for a part of it.

Thank you to all who came, and to all who helped organise this. Despite the rain 35 people turned up! And at 4.30 didn’t want to stop but were up for more. Watch this space!

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