Defending Council Housing


SCHEDULED FOR NOVEMBER 24TH 2012, 3pm to 5 pm



SALLY CAUSER, Southwark Legal Advice Network

St Paul’s Church Hall,
Lorrimore Square
Off Carter Street, Walworth Road
SE17 3QT

‘The Housing Commission: A bleak future?’ 

Defend Council Housing wants Southwark to retain all of its Council houses. This can be done by implementing one of the options put forward by the Housing Commission. The Commission’s report also exposes the privatisers as people who want to waste public money, push up housing costs and drive ordinary people out of the borough. Come to the meeting to discuss a plan to retain our housing and get a Council house for everyone who needs one.


The best guarantee of lots of secure, genuinely affordable rented social housing will be to properly finance Council Housing – not mixed tenure Private/Housing Association developments – to let Local Authorities benefit directly from rental income on their land assets.

Council rents are currently siphoned off into the general pot of Local Authority income. Read more about the case for the financial viability of building and maintaining Council Housing here,  in the 2008 DCH housing finance submission

The last Labour government under Tony Blair set about selling off and or demolishing huge council estates all over the UK,  diminishing the role of Local Authorities in the provision of housing.

Part of this project was to encourage more people to become home owners, or ‘shared-owners’, boosting the power of the banks over another aspect of our lives (health and education were similarly targetted). Many, here as well as in the USA, took on debts that they could not afford.  This was a major contributory factor to the current profound financial crisis.

There are lots of articles on this jam-packed website
Defend Council Housing

Defend Council Housing is a cross-party national campaign.

DCH are orchestrating opposition to the latest Lib-Con coalition threats to increase rents to 80% of average market rents,

and to undermine Council Housing by ending secure tenancies.

The target of Defend Council Housing is to provide Genuinely Affordable Housing and the chance for all to make and enjoy a quality rented home for life.

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